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Video: kayaking, catamarans, canoeing, rafting, rowing slalom, extreme rafting, whitewater rodeo.

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Hi, my name is yakunin

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I live at Центральная 1-а
390020 Рязань
Birthday 08-21-1952
I am a boy.
Relationship Status женат
Other details Занимаюсь водным туризмом с 1974 года.
My occupation is Работаю комм.директором.
My School шк № 30 г.Рязани.Рязанский радиотехнический институт.
Favorite Movies В Бой идут одни старики.
Favorite Music Визбор,Акуджава.
Favorite Books Давно не читал билетристики.

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    b) Mistakes which are out of your control (for now)
    You cannot have a perfect technique after 45 repetitions. It's not possible to do the correct and fluid motion with so little repetitions. Your brain needs many more to store and coordinate your body fluidly. You also cannot have a good feel for the racquet face level or swing speed after 20 minutes of practice.

    You will make mistakes and you cannot speed up the process. It takes time. So this is out of your control.

    You don't have to get upset with yourself, because there is nothing you can do about this right now. Stay calm and give your brain and body many more information so that they can learn and adapt.

    Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how the process of learning tennis works for beginners

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