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Video: kayaking, catamarans, canoeing, rafting, rowing slalom, extreme rafting, whitewater rodeo.

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Hi, my name is AFA

  • I have watched 254 videos!
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I live at Ukraine
Birthday 11-02-1979
I am a boy.
Other details Ковыряюсь веслом где получается.
My occupation is Спортивный клуб и Турфирма
My School Своя маленькая
Favorite Movies ВП
Favorite Music Ленинград
Favorite Books Самовар

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  • AFA
    AFA До ХБ и после! · 11-25-2009 17:49:28  

  • Lednikov
    Lednikov 02-01-2009 05:12:48 hello mzungu:)

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